EC-2502R electronic cassette

EC-2502R electronic cassette

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microprocessor device, which control work of the whole doorphone system


Electronic cassette is supplied from the two- winding AC adapter. One of the windings is used to power the cassette and an outdoor panel while the second one to power a door release. In the electronic cassette, there are potentiometers to adjust strengthening of a speaker, microphone and line balance.

Using jumpers, one may configure in electronic cassette the type of blocking device (door release or electromagnetic lock). In electromagnetic locks (jumpers), there is often the phenomenon of residual magnetism, which results in difficulties with opening doors (gates), so the electronic cassette is equipped with a system for eliminating this undesirable phenomenon. Enabling the mechanism of jumper demagnetization in situation when a door release is used may cause its improper work!

The cassette includes INIT and RESET buttons, used among other things to restore the default settings of doorphone.

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